App Review – “Stutter Rapper”

In terms of educational games which are both fun and useful for younger children, it can be hard to find the correct app. Games can be too complicated, offer to many distractions, or simply not get the message across. I must immediately stress that my review of the Lucida produced game “Stutter Rapper” is to convince instructors of young children to utilize the app inside and out of the classroom. This app is not sufficient enough to be shown to older children and teens who already have a healthy grasp of the English language.

Stutter Rapper is an incredibly straightforward game that anyone can pick up and play with unparalleled ease. The game is simple; swipe letters on the screen to create sentences and advance forward as your points add up. Correct timing and the usage of longer words is key to a higher score. And that’s it, the game stays with this concept and becomes surprisingly addictive, even to older individuals such as myself.

Colors are bright, music is happy and uplifting, and the repetition of words after they have been spelled out may help some children to better recall words. A timer can allow them to experiment with phases, learning new words that they may never have thought to have existed (which certainly happened many times in my case).

Now I do have to note that the game does not feature interactive play with friends or others. Each game is basically confined to itself; no sharing of pictures, videos, or streaming directly to the internet.

However I find these attributes to be POSITIVE. Young children are prone to distraction, that much is clear to anyone. Giving them access to sharing photos, scores, and sending playthrough to the internet will only distract them from the purpose of the game: to better instruct them as to how words are spelled and ingraining that into their memories as best as possible.

For English instructors, I highly encourage you to try this game in your classroom and expose your students to a game they will enjoy playing inside and out of school.

For a brief scoring of the game, check out this document:


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