VGo and Student Absence in School

Every man woman and child has at one point in their lives wanted to skip school or work altogether. For any adult reading this, hoping to figure out how to pt shingles on a house without going to the work site, sorry, you’re out of luck right now. But for students, this situation is actually quite different. Their saving grace comes in the form of the VGo, a remote-controlled device capable of roaming halls and going to classes at a distance. While it’s current use mainly revolves around students such as Lyndon Baty, who can’t actively go to school (read the article listed in the links below for his interesting story) it is of my belief that schools should adopt VGo as the student of the future. Will VGo soon replace all students?

Well in the case of Lyndon Baty, mentioned above, an illness which can become increasingly dangerous for him requires the use of VGo for Lyndon to properly survey his school and continue to learn without risking his health. He can still chat with friends and instructors, as well as fill out homework with the simple use of a webcam and other minor computer technologies. With such ease filling out the day-to-day activities required of him at school, one must wonder how VGo can be integrated into everyone’s lives. Immediately issues regarding students skipping school can be rid of, with them being able to interact and learn without having to worry about driving through rough traffic on snowy or foggy days.

Providing the VGo or technology similar to it is not without it’s faults. The VGo obviously allows for students to stay distracted during class, focusing on things off-screen or causing trouble from the safety of their home. The cost for each unit is also not without it’s issues for schools not having the financial means to provide so many students with the device, meaning if and when such a trend does begin, a small school setting is key to test results of it’s continued use. And then there is the issue of physical classes or projects which require hands-on learning, a type of learning we have previously discussed to be incredibly important in the learning environment. Until these hurtles are overcome, this convenient means of education may elude our grasp.

But we need to head back to the pros regarding the wide-spread use of VGo. Of which includes it’s reliable nature as it uses 4G LTE networks to carry the video consistently and reliably over wide distances between the student and the school setting. It even eliminates travel costs, increases productivity, and delivers unparalleled convenience. It’s also incredibly light-weight and easy to maneuver. It is able to last on one charge for an entire school day, with it being charged at night and ready to once again activate in the morning. With more and more school operations involving the use of technology, it stands to reason that our own physical presence will fade from the work-field. A scary thought to many, but sometimes the future can be scary. It’s how we choose to overcome the issues of the future that we can begin to grow as people. And so I say, let’s welcome the VGo with open arms, help it grow, and introduce it to fields which can benefit from it’s presence even more.


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