Phones in School – A Solution

They are with you when you sleep, they are with you when you wake, they sit in your pockets and in the palms of your hands. We gaze at them day-in and day-out. They are cellphones; magical bricks of learning bestowed to us by the heavens. Nomophobia is an interesting fear in the modern age. It is the fear of losing your phone or it’s signal; and chances are, just about all of us have it, because all of us have cellphones. It is now known that around the globe, more people have mobile phones than they do toilets! And lastly, the fact to surpass all facts; the average person unlocks his/her phone over 110 times each day. These are modern problems which can highly effect a person’s attention span in a school setting. I don’t need to go into that, it is just a fact that wherever there are cellphones, there will be people who are, in turn, distracted by those cellphones. And in school settings, cellphones are panned by instructors. They believe the cellphone to be a cancer, but it’s time we ask ourselves an important question; can cellphones and schools ever get along?

If you were to research such an idea, you’ll be bombarded by multiple results where former instructors simply write off the phone as nothing but a inappropriate distraction in the classroom, but I do believe that there can still be ways to make it’s use more substantial and beneficial. puts it all quite well. Cellphones are nolonger the tool of a single person, they are everywhere. Hardly any high-end job does not involve the use of cellphones in their process to survive into the future. If schools truly wish to prepare students for life in the outside world, then they need to make it clear that cellphones are a vital tool in spreading and learning information on the fly. Ignoring them altogether in schools only to then use them in professional jobs seems ironic to put it best.

In the bjupress article “Cellphones at School: The Debate of Legitimacy”, it is stated well that cellphones are not going away. They provide easy communication to parents in times of emergency and also provide a wealth of knowledge that students are comfortable with. Then there are apps for multiple learning programs integrating a variety of subjects, making students much more likely to finish a project if it involves a phone, due to the fact that they do not have to waste time digging through books and papers to find an assignment. It is streamlined. Students no longer have to search for their work, it is with them all along, notifying them and keeping them up-to-date on new projects.

My point is this. If instructors really want students to fulfill projects, then they best be prepared to expose those students to the projects as much as possible. And we are exposed to nothing more often than those little blocks of information. Students can carry their homework in their pockets, constantly aware that starting/finishing their work is a mere click away. The convenience is like nothing we have ever seen before and if it is integrated correctly, then I can predict homework and school projects to be streamlined in upcoming years. Cellphones will be the gateway in which this process can take shape.


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