Should Schools Adopt Chromebooks?

In today’s hustling bustling world of electronics, where our eardrums stay bombarded by ear-bud spewed tunes, and thin rectangular bricks of knowledge sit firmly in the palms of our hands and pockets, it’s difficult to imagine a school that does not adopt such technologies to teach. It’s easy to brush these sort of schools off as cave-men-ridden buildings; teaching kids that the Earth is flat and the sun revolves around it. But are they really wrong for avoiding the rise of the chromebook? Should all schools adopt chromebooks?

Well let’s slow down for a minute and focus on what makes a chromebook so attractive for schools. It comes in with a sleek body, cheapness, high running speeds, quick charging and powering on, as well as many other implements which allows for the chromebook to excel at delivering information in a timely manner.

Oh but wait. What about the teachers and students? The actual PEOPLE behind the learning process? Well a big issue right now is that many teachers do not understand chromebooks or any new-ish technology in general for that matter. Many of them were raised exclusively with books, learning information straight from the teacher’s mouth. And chromebooks certainly face a myriad of issues that would never plague a book. For example, your history book is not likely to receive a virus, or not turn on upon being left to charge. In fact, books hardly need to be charged at all. I can’t even remember the last time I charged by Algebra book. And when I open those books, I don’t see distracting ads for “Farmville” or some random guy named “Bob Smith” who keeps asking for my credit card number. Nor does a book break if you drop it on the floor. Your foot is in more danger at that point.

Ultimately, chromebooks suffer from the same issue as any electronic device. For every bit of good they do, they do just as much bad. One could argue that the pros cannot outweigh the cons, or that in the end, the chromebook only slightly enhances a student’s experience and understanding of topic, to a point in which it isn’t even necessary.

In my opinion, no technology is ready for learning purposes. Not yet anyways, or at least not exclusively. Sure the students can use the occasional computer or metaphorically surf the web, but in the end, using chromebooks every hour of every day just doesn’t add enough to a student’s knowledge to truly make a difference. Not yet.


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