About Me

I am Dominic Twardowski. I work at the chromebook help desk. My experience with technology usually revolves around me throwing buffering things out my window and smashing them with a hammer in a fit of pure unadulterated rage.

However, I am admittedly familiar with the processes involved in apps and games to make them work. These basics and my decent memory can combine to form a person who can sorta kinda know what he’s doing, yet still accidentally set fire to things which shouldn’t even be able to catch fire. I really wish I was joking about that… but I’m not.

I guess I want to be in this class so that in the future, when my computer/phone/remote/fax machine/roomba/rubix cube is lagging, I can take it apart and fix it without paying some guy $5,017 just for poking it with a screwdriver for three minutes straight.


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